Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rejecting the Pinup Look

Why You Won't See Any Vintage Dresses from Me

A vast majority of full-bust bloggers seem drawn to vintage styles, particularly pinup-style dresses. They often style them with thick belts, cute heels, and sexy stockings. When I first learned my correct bra size and stopped hiding my body in enormous shirts with high necklines, I felt like pinup dresses were my only other option since "normal" clothes weren't designed for my shape. I knew I could lose some weight, but I'd been told that I was big-boned all my life, and as I gained a lot of weight while my breasts were growing, I didn't think they would shrink at all. However, I've never been drawn to the pinup aesthetic. I love androgynous clothing, simple patterns, and chic looks that focus on texture. As I started losing weight, I realized that I could rock "normal" clothes just fine! 

You also won't see many clothing options designed specifically for larger busts, like Urkye or BiuBiu. The dresses seem fine, but they're just not my style. The cut of the shirts also seems odd to me, like a cross between a babydoll shirt and a fitted tee. I feel that Urkye, BiuBiu, and Pepperberry cater mainly to women over 30, and as someone under 20 I really don't see my aesthetic represented yet. Many bloggers find them flattering, however, and they do nip in at the waist a lot.  

If you're interested in the above topics, check out the blogs I mention in my first post! They have amazing bra-fitting resources as well, if you're unsure of your proper size. If you still use Victoria Secret fitting guidelines, you need to check them out!

My goal now is to figure out a personal style and replenish my wardrobe as I approach my GW. As a college student, I'm working with a limited budget, and I hope that my triumphs, trials, and tribulations will help you too!

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