Saturday, October 19, 2013

Girl v. World, an Introduction (Measurements Updated 11/5/13)

Welcome to Girl v. World!

Relevant Info:

My current measurements are 38.5"(29.5") - 30"- 38".
Before weightloss: 40"(33) - 35"- 44"
My preferred bra size is currently 28 H***
I have full-on-bottom breasts with firm breast tissue.
I don't care for pinup style clothes.
I wear a US 6 at the moment.

  • This blog will also deal with how women with an hourglass figure lose weight/gain muscle. I've lost 40 lbs so far. (Muscular Hourglass) explores similar topics.

Relevant info:

HW: 184 lbs
CW: 142 lbs
GW: 130 lbs
I'm 5'5"

  • Finally, I will sometimes post about body image, feminism, and social justice as I see fit. Many of you may disagree with my views, but I ask that you try to be open-minded, and I will extend the same courtesy to you.

General Blog Info

I will not respond to nasty comments or publish your accounts or anything. I honestly don't care what you think if you can't express yourself like an adult. Troll away :)

That being said, if you attack another commenter, I will take action.

*** My measurements should put me in a 30 GG, but I'm still losing weight and as I buy my bras from the UK or Poland, I can't afford to buy a size that won't fit in a few weeks. I know how my body sheds weight, and I will be very surprised if I do not go down a band size very soon. So I plan on purchasing 28 Hs and if the band is a bit tight, I'll wear it with an extender. I will update you if my size changes.

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